• We started with creating a logo and positioning line that defined the building and it's uses.

  • The 330 Hudson website was geared towards both real estate brokers as well as creative tenant prospects. The building had recently added a 7 story glass wrapped tower to the top of an already existing industrial brick building. The visibly different concept was created to bring all of these elements to the targeted audience wich were creative and technology type tenants.

  • With in the building our team had created an marking suite to help the brokers market the building. I had design an interactive presentation that was developed for a 2X2 interactive touch screen video wall.

  • The interactive video wall was one of the focal points of the marketing center.

  • We hosted an event in the marketing suite and sent out E-blasts that was designed within the campaign to promote the event. The open and click through rate were tracked and monitored and supplied the website with a boost of traffic.

  • I had also designed and programmed HTML e-blast at the launch of the website.

  • We designed a brochure to support the campaign and allow the potential tenant to leave with a hard copy of the information.

Project Details