• The award winning TrinityNYC.com website launch was followed by an entire online campaign promoting the website and it's features. The campaign was geared towards the dual audience of tenants of the neighborhood as well as brokers.

  • The initial website launch was followed by a banner ad campaign that reached it's audience using multiple online avenues over a specified period of time.

  • There was an HTML e-blast campaign that was disbursed along side a direct mail campaign to promote the website and it's features. The open and click through rate were tracked and monitored and supplied the website with a boost of traffic.

  • The Trinitynyc.com mobile website was developed to replace the main homepage of the website when a user accesses the website from their mobile device. The main action required by the user here is to search the database driven availabilities.

  • Following the launch campaign, this banner add was used to push the database information that was feeding the website directly to its audience on a relevant website.

  • Chocolate bars where handed out to all of the Trinity Real Estate clients, each bar directed a tenant to go to the trinitynyc.com website to enter a code to see if that have won. This was a great way to inform the tenenats that the new website had an interactive map that they could use to learn of places near where they work.

  • Since the websites launch we send out monthly e-mails with the most current availabilities in the Hudson Square area.

Project Details